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  • A purse organizer so I can quickly find things in my cavernous purse.
  • The mail that I need to respond to today.
  • Gum−gotta keep it fresh!
  • A Tumi men's wallet. I like men's wallets because they are smaller than women's wallets. This one also has a money clip so retrieving cash is quick.
  • My sporty Softcup holder.
  • My checkbook (I guess I'm stuck in the 90s).
  • Business card case
  • My Softcup leather pouch, which holds all my store loyalty cards.
  • Blackberry.
  • Eos hand lotion.
  • Digital camera.
  • Sunglass case.




  • My Softcup planner. With all the traveling I do this keeps me sane and on track.
  • Hobo zipper wallet that fits everything I need it to.
  • Toothbrush with paste and floss. Oral hygiene is NO joke to me...nor is bad breath!
  • Softcup leather pouch that contains all my on-the-go makeup like lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, Benetint and perfume.
  • Nail polish and Nailtiques.
  • Softcups. I never know when I will need them, nor when I will have an opportunity to convert a stranger in the bathroom into a user :)
  • Sunglasses to protect my sensitive baby blues.
  • Sensa to somewhat control my uncontrollable appetite.
  • Minute clinic. What woman doesn't need a supply of Advil, Band aids, Neosporin and wipes.
  • Ipod because life without music is no life at all!


Mary Smedes:


This knock-off Louis Vuitton purse was a Christmas gift from my brother, who lives in China (left to right):

  • H&M scarf which can double as an accessory, shawl or blanket if the temperature drops.
  • Band aids just in case that new pair of heels rubs me the wrong way.
  • Ear plugs. I go to a lot of concerts and never can remember to bring them, so I keep some in my purse.
  • Hand mirror because I've caught one too many pieces of errant lettuce in my teeth after lunch not to carry one!
  • Chapstick with SPF 15−chapped lips are such a drag.
  • Softcup. I never leave home without one.
  • Mail−I carry around the rewards coupons I receive in the mail in case I find myself at that particular store.
  • Birdie zipper pouch that a friend gave me. I keep my grocery coupons handy in here.
  • Jo Malone perfume in Orange Blossom. I bought this scent for a friend for her wedding and got a sample for myself! It's the perfect light, summery floral scent.
  • Keys−I live in an old house with too many different locks, so I've color-coded my keys. My keychain expresses my love of my birth state, North Carolina.
  • Aveda lip gloss. My friend worked at Aveda and sold me this great gloss.
  • Hair tie and clip because sometimes my hair annoys me and I just want it out of my face!
  • Smashbox coverup for the occassional bothersome blemish.
  • Lodis wallet. I needed a small summer wallet and liked the color of this one.
  • Mossimo sunglasses that I just picket up at Target. LOVE them!
  • Rice paper blotting tissues that are great to have on hand when my skin is feeling oily or shiny.
  • Silicone change purse that I found in Japan and had to have!
  • Turkey jerky to have a protein-packed snack on hand.


Hope you enjoyed taking a look inside of our bags. What do you have in yours?



How can get some of those softcup cases/pouches????
My purse has to be the biggest I can find! Several shades of lip gloss to match my mood or outfit along with powder. Back up neutral color earrings in case I loose one I'm wearing. Softcups. Some baby wipes cause I often wear my lunch! Small bottle of soap, allergic to cheap public restroom soap. Tissues. Contact drops or eyeglass cleaning cloths depending on which I wear. Cellphone, iPod & wallett. Medicine case for some ibuprofin. Epi pen in case I accidentally eat food I shouldn't. Hair gummy & clip. Pen, notebook & calander & tiny book of inspirational verses for when I'm down. Gum. Most important, Hand Cream. Can't live without it! Also a sense of humor when people make fun of my giant purse because I'm the first one they run to when they need something! LOL

Hi Emily, thanks for sharing the contents of your purse! The Softcup pouches are a new prototype and we hope to have more soon. ... Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway in the not-too-distant future.

I was wondering the same thing about how to get a softcup case/pouch. But my purse is a Haiku purse that I got for my birthday. In it two Vera Bradley wallets, one for my cards and one for my id and cash. A notebook and pen for my three year old. Burt's Bees lip balm. Creme brulee hand lotion that my aunt gave me. Check book. Softcups and pads (just in case I forget to refill my purse).

Anna, thanks for telling us what's in your purse! The Softcup pouches are a new prototype and we hope to have more soon. ... Keep you eyes peeled for a giveaway in the not-too-distant future.

Can't wait for that giveaway!

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