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Softcup is the best product ever! Since the very first time I started my leap into womanhood (I am now 29), tampons were my choice. As with age, my body changed including my vaginal walls. Tampons started to dry me out and feel uncomfortable. I ended up making my dreaded switch to pads. I loved not feeling them but HATED what I had to see. Then, I signed up for a sample of Softcup and received one. Now I have to admit I was skeptical. I didn't want to insert anything else and didn't want to reach inside to retrieve. After having the sample for a month and doing crazy research, I tried it. This is wonderful. Insertion was perfect on my first try and I felt NOTHING! Because of all the benefits and less likelihood of TSS, my daughter will be using these as well! Thank you so much for the samples - without them, I would have never bought them and would have missed out on this awesomeness!



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