Please read and understand all instructions before using Softcup. If you still have questions, please call 1-800-INSTEAD (467-8323).

Remember the first few times you used tampons or wore contact lenses? Well, Instead Softcup also takes a little time to learn to use correctly and comfortably. At first, it may seem awkward to either insert or remove Softcup ... that's OK, most women experience that. In fact, we recommend that the first time you use Softcup choose a lighter flow day and work your way to heavier flow days. After a few uses you will understand how your body and Softcup work together. Even though Softcup looks different than sanitary pads and tampons, remember Softcup was designed by a woman to provide you with the first significant alternative in feminine protection in over 60 years. And because of its special design, one size fits almost all women.

This is what Softcup looks like when squeezed for insertion.
Wash your hands and relax. To correctly use Softcup, we recommend sitting on the toilet with your knees apart.
To insert Softcup, hold Softcup so the bottom of the cup hangs down. Squeeze the opposite sides of the rim together.
step 2
Keeping the rim pressed together, insert Softcup completely into the vagina. Use your finger to push Softcup downward and back as far as it will go. Softcup cannot get lost inside you. It will slide into place under the cervix and behind the pubic bone.
Inside your body Softcup molds itself immediately to your unique internal shape, forming a personal fit that ensures comfort and helps prevent leakage. When Softcup is inserted properly, you shouldn't feel it.
Step 3
You can safely wear Softcup for up to 12 hours. With a few uses you will be able to determine how often you need to change the Softcup on heavy flow and light flow days.
If Softcup has been inserted properly and starts to leak, it's time to change your Softcup. Slight leakage during urination or bowel movements is normal and will not occur afterwards if the Softcup is properly in place.
Softcup must be changed after 12 hours.
Step 4
To correctly remove Softcup, we recommend sitting on the toilet with your knees apart. Insert your finger into the vagina and identify the pubic bone, the Softcup rim will be right behind it. Hook your finger under the rim. Very slowly pull Softcup out of your body keeping it horizontal and level.
One tip: if you have trouble hooking your finger under the rim, bear or push down. If you wish, empty fluid into the toilet or simply put toilet tissue inside the cup to absorb fluid. Place the used product inside the new Softcup wrapper or wrap it in toilet paper and simply throw it away. Do not flush Softcup or the wrapper.

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