Softcup & Your Daughter

Softcup is a fantastic alternative to pads and tampons for your daughter.

You ask, What is Softcup?

Well, it's a flexible cup that slides inside the vagina and sits just below the cervix to collect, rather than absorb, menstrual flow.

Why should my daughter use Softcup? 

In addition to school, teens are involved in so many different extracurricular activities—from music and dance class to sports and cheerleading. They can be away from the house from 7 AM to 7 PM. All of these activities leave little time for them to worry about period protection. Softcup provides a great alternative because it can be comfortably worn for up to 12 hours and most importantly, can be worn discreetly through their many activities. Your daughter won't have to worry about those pesky little strings or bulky pads, she has the utmost freedom with Softcup. Click here to read more about Softcup.


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