Everyone goes through puberty at the same age.

False - Every girl is unique and can go through various stages of puberty at different ages. In fact, it's uncommon that you and your best bud will go through puberty at the same time. Many girls start seeing changes around the age of 10, but you can go through puberty anytime between nine and 17.

Everyone goes through puberty in the same way.

False - There are loose guidelines that you can follow that might help you determine when you will go through puberty, but again each girl is different. Typically, girls start to see breast growth and then pubic and underarm hair growth, followed by discharge and finally her period. Even if you don't see this exact order, it doesn't mean there is something wrong, you are just unique.

A period happens every 28 days.

False - 28 days is another loose guideline of how long your menstrual cycle lasts. When you first start your period the average cycle lasts 21-45 days, however, after a couple of years your cycle will shorten to 21-35 days. When girls first start, their period can come irregularly, meaning you may get it one month and then skip a month before getting it again. Don't panic, this is totally normal and simply your body's way of adjusting in the first few years you start getting your period.

Using a tampon or menstrual cup affects my virginity.

False - Tampons and / or menstrual cups do not affect your state of virginity, period. For a woman, being a virgin means you have not had sexual intercourse, in other words, a man's penis has not penetrated your vagina. Rest assured, you are still a virgin even if you choose to use a tampon or menstrual cup.

Every girl has a hymen.

False - A hymen is simply tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening and allows menstrual blood to exit. It is not an intact piece of tissue that gets "broken" during sexual intercourse. Like noses, ears and eyes, all girls are born with varying sized hymens, in fact, some girls do not have much of the tissue or a hymen, at all.


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